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2/9/2014 Michael Ruby + Sam Truitt
2/16/2014 Dan Owen + Karen weiser
2/23/2014 Matt Longabucco + Nicole Wallace
3/2/2014 Ileana Selejan + Judah Rubin
3/9/2014 Sue Landers + Evan Kennedy
3/16/2014 Ted Dodson + secret poet
3/23/2014 Alina Gregorian + Cecilia Corrigan
3/30/2014 TBA
4/6/2014 Monica McClure + Leopoldine Core
4/13/2014 TBA
4/20/2014 No Reading
4/27/2014 Same Text + Mali Scott
5/4/2014 Nikki Wallschlaeger + Laura Goldstein

under the stalwart leadership of
Zinc Tactical Shining Leadership Cadre:
Drew Boston & Jack Nachmanovitch

with subtle guidance by the Lungfull! Magazine Rapid Editorial Action Go-Force:
Anahit Gulian, Annaliese Downey, Brendan Lorber,
Edmund Berrigan, Jessica Fiorini, Kara Fowler, Mariana Ruiz,
Mike Smith, Molly Dorozenski, Tracey McTague

5:30pm every Sunday in the fall, winter and spring.

ZINC is at 82 West 3rd Street between Sullivan & Thompson in New York City's Greenwich Village. DIRECTIONS


A Sunday evening traditon among writers in New York,
ZBRS was founded in 1993 by Joe Elliot
& has since been hosted by Douglas Rothschild, Brendan Lorber,
Marcella Durand, Anselm Berrigan, among others

Originally at the legendary Biblio's in Tribeca,
it moved to Zinc on Houston Street in 1995 & again
in 2007 to its current righteous location.

Over the course of it's 600+ readings to date, ZBRS has welcomed poets from five continents
and has paired established & emerging writers from many different traditions ranging from the
extremely experimental to the unadulterated lyric to the immensely performative.

Meek, perky, inscrutable & outrageous, ZBRS seeks to connect the impossible with the irresolvable
& leave everyone more open to the world around them then they were when they entered the place.

$5 donation goes to the poets.
If you don't have it, don't worry, come anyway

Take a look at 2003-2004 or the 2004-2005 or even the 2005-2006 seasons. Oh and here's 2010 2011 and spring 2012and fall 2012 and fall 2012


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